Katharina Lehmann


Katharina Lehmann was born in 1984 in Western Siberia, Russia. She lives and works in Munich.
Katharina Lehmann uses the unique Thread-Drip Painting technique to create her sculptural pieces.
Countless threads intersect and intertwine to form a network, an organic environment, infusing the monochrome, hardened acrylic landscape with life and movement.
The idiosyncratic artworks transcend the two-dimensional nature of the canvas; the chaos of tangled, layered threads becomes an entity, taking shape to create a unique piece of art, as it begins to adapt to its territory, growing into existence in a mythical space between painting and sculpture.
Creativity and technical craftsmanship create the ‘entity’, which is then free to be interpreted from every angle and perspective: to be freely experienced as art.
Perhaps you see a shadowy mountain landscape, maybe a crumpled sheet or a cleverly woven web, – the inimitable magic of Katharina Lehmann’s artwork lies in the constant fluidity of the image. The visual ambiguity prevents the observer from drawing conclusions, inviting them to explore the facets of life and nature.

Selected Exhibitions

· To Weave Dreams – 2016 Miniartextil Como / ARTE & ARTE / Como, Italy
· Licht4 – Kunstverein Dahn / Dahn, Deutschland
· Engl-Atelierhaus – Jahresausstellung / Atelierhaus Engl / München, Deutschland
· The Bikini Diaries – Minimal x Monochrome / Berlin, Deutschland
· 2947 – Kunstschau im Kunstmuseum Humboldt-Schloss / Hettstedt, Deutschland
· Art Karlsruhe / galerie m beck / Karlsruhe, Deutschland

· Affordable Art Fair Hamburg / ARTvergnuegen / Hamburg, Deutschland
· Contemplation / størpunkt – Galerie für Gegenwartskunst / München, Deutschland
· Licht II / galerie m beck / Homburg, Deutschland
· Engl-Atelierhaus – Jahresausstellung / Atelierhaus Engl / München, Deutschland
· ARTMUC / Praterinsel / München, Deutschland
· STROKE Art Fair / Praterinsel / München, Deutschland
· MONOCHROMOSOMEN / DomagkAteliers / München, Deutschland
· ART Innsbruck / Galerie DA. Rheinfelden / Innsbruck, Österreich
· AUFTAKT KUNST 2015 / Pop-Up Galerie / München, Deutschland

· IrReal – when abstract meets reality / Werkstatt-Galerie / München, Deutschland
· Art International Zürich / Galerie Kitz Art / Zürich, Schweiz
· ARTMUC / Praterinsel / München, Deutschland
· Engl-Atelierhaus – Jahresausstellung / Atelierhaus Engl / München, Deutschland
· Art Karlsruhe / Kunstverein ART Baden-Baden e.V. / Karlsruhe, Deutschland