Andrea Zini – Florentine, he has been taking photos and developing them in the dark room since the age of eight….

Andreas von Maltzan

Andreas von Maltzan schafft mit seinen stimmungsvollen Photographien ein Spannungsfeld zwischen Einsamkeit, Ruhe und zeitloser Gelassenheit, wie man es wohl nur…

Christoph Bergmann

Christoph Bergmann was born in 1959 in Breisach am Rhein and grew up in an area rich of history, culture and…

Katharina Lehmann

Katharina Lehmann was born in 1984 in Western Siberia, Russia. She lives and works in Munich. Katharina Lehmann uses the unique…


LUCA FRESCHI was born in 1982, first graduated from Istituto Statale d’Arte in Forlì, Decorative Painting and Restoration and then in…

Nico Mares

CV *1977 Düsseldorf 2000 Studium der Malerei an der Kunstakademie Münster bei Prof. Gunther Keusen Prof. Daniele Buetti und Prof. Guillaume…

Quentin Carnaille

QUENTIN CARNAILLE / ABOUT MY WORK” “I’ve always had a taste for manipulating things and following through on my ideas. It…

Yulia Lebedeva

  Yulia Lebedeva is a young photographer who currently lives and works in Moscow. Yulia has spent most of her youth…

Alfonco Sicilia Sobrino

Beauty does not always come from within

The life of the artist is subtle and complex
and the work that emerges from it will logically
give rise to such variegated emotions that
words will not be able to convey them.
Vassily Kandinsky

Ana Pusica

Ana Pusiсa was born in 1982 in Valjevo, Serbia, and is living and working in Munich today.

Chi Wing Lo

An architect whose furniture designs have helped to shape the direction of Giorgetti since 1996, Chi Wing Lo was recently among the Italian Delegates to advance Italian Design in Russia.

Francesco Perini