Andrea Zini – Florentine, he has been taking photos and developing them in the dark room since the age of eight.

Over the years, he has specialized in Wildlife photography. His wonderfully taken pictures are moments of the life of animals in the savannah. Andrea Zini, in collaboration with the American Print agency Jon Cone, has worked out absolutely particular quality of large-scale photo production.

Individually Monochrome print is being printed over the unique Japanese Paper, which resists fading up to 100 years.

Eyes of the animals are painted by hand.

Zini’s treatment of composition and details makes the animal’s intelligent expression clearly stand out, so that his pictures are true works of art.

In 2011, he was entrusted with advertising campaigns by well-known, Italian fashion houses, always trying to find an alliance between the fashion and the animal worlds.

In 2011, he was one of the finalists of the prestigious master award by Victor Hasselblad.

Andrea Zini’s works have been exhibited in Los Angeles, London and New York.

During 2012, he has worked on the “Africa’s Eyes” project about wild life in the savannah.

Andrea Zini works are in private collections of Axel Rose, Stefano Ricci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Beretta, Fratini, Benelli among others.