About us

This story began in 2004, when I saw my first brick out of the millions drawn on paper, clayed onto the concrete slab, in the middle of the Megapolis.

And by 2006 – that brick had grown into a 30-storey volume, dominating over the surroundings. There has been lots of glass, concrete and bricks put together, since then.

At that time I was strongly convinced, that what I was doing was creating something: be it beautiful or ugly , cheap or expensive, new or outdated, but I have since realised it is much more deep-rooted than that, it is actually building the story of a city, and regrettably the consequences of this, are interfering with the personal lives of people. Things which initially were scribbled on paper, and then turned into drawings, are put, one day, onto the surface of the Earth to exist for an indefinite period.

And out all of a sudden I felt a morbid responsibility for the trees, people and especially every single person who would ever touch, see or learn what I had done….. And from that very moment I realized that every time I draw a line, I become responsible for all the future consequences which that line can ever affect.

That thought brought me to the idea to create a multi-media studio, where all the arts and activities are incorporated.

ART & SPACE Gallery – is a unit, where all the parts are aimed to the unique goal.

ART & SPACE Gallery adopts the main ideas of the Bauhaus and translates them to current and future needs.

ART & SPACE Gallery is a station, where you get off to catch true inspiration, knowledge or products to go further.

Director and Chief Curator of the “ART & SPACE Gallery” Emma Mailova,

Senior Architect of the “George Mailov & Archizdrav’s Partners”, Moscow